Our platform is based on more than 30 years of world-class plasma expertise.


We are developing a combined cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) device and materials-based delivery vehicle.

Unfiltered CAP comprises a cocktail of components, including charged species, highly - and less - reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS), UV and electric fields. Our patented platform technology can:

  • filter CAP for safe and effective delivery of RONS.

  • oxygenate tissue (essential for wound healing and tumor eradication).

  • allow deep tissue delivery of proven therapeutic agents.

  • be uniquely tuned according to clinical indication.


A versatile, adaptable platform technology

Our technology can deliver a broad range of novel therapeutics allowing us to treat a range of indications.


Potential indications

Tissue Healing

  • Number of potential targets

  • Very large markets

  • Easily accessible regions of the body

  • Plasma4 data shows potential for reoxygenation of tissue and accelerated healing


  • Large market > US$4bn (expected to grow to ca. $9bn by 2031)

  • Common fungi in 80 to 98% of affected individuals

  • Easily accessible body regions

  • Care required with oral medicines (can effect organ function)

  • Topical applications take months to work and are often ineffective

  • Delivery of existing drugs by plasma


  • US$1.5bn market

  • Easily accessible body regions

  • No approved treatment

  • Plasma shown to have potential to encourage re-pigmentation