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Proof of Concept published in  ACS - Applied Materials & Interfaces

In this research we demonstrate the potential of our unique plasma-materials technology for an on-demand antimicrobials release deep into the tissue. Our composite hydrogel material is versatile and with the action of the plasma jet shows a high antibacterial efficacy against planktonic bacteria  and biofilms.


£1.7m project to explore groundbreaking new treatment for biofilm infections in foot ulcers

Plasma4 is delighted to be collaborating with Convatec on developing a plasma-based platform for infected wounds. This study aligns with their scientific strategy for wound care and offers the potential to develop and enhance novel anti-biofilm technologies in order to improve patient care and clinical outcomes


 Collaboration with BASF

Plasma4 gratefully acknowledges the support it continues to receive from BASF SE for the development of our composite hydrogel.

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