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Nishtha Gaur


Nishtha is a Senior Research Associate at Lancaster University. With a Bachelors and Masters in nanotechnology and a PhD in plasma medicine, she brings expertise and experience across physics, chemistry, biology and nanomaterials. Her research in the field of plasma technology is two-pronged: a focus on the applications of plasma for chronic wounds, skin cancer and onychomycosis; and unravelling the mechanisms involved in plasma-tissue interactions and investigating the safety of the plasma device.

Nishtha has built up collaborations that span Japan, USA, Australia, India and the UK. She also serves on the editorial board of leading research publications and is an alumnus of the Impulse Programme, Henry Royce Institute, Cambridge University, UK.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family has provided Nishtha with an ideal platform to combine her two passions – plasma medicine and entrepreneurship – and a real asset to Plasma4.

Nishtha Gaur
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