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Endre Szili


Endre is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow (2020-2024), Senior Research Fellow and head of the plasma medicine research group at the Future Industries Institute, University of South Australia. He is also a part-time visiting Professor at University of Orleans in France between 2022-2024.

He completed a BBiotech(Hons) in December 2002 and PhD in Chemistry in December 2008 at Flinders University. He has a successful track record of approximately 60 publications (eight invited) and two book chapters. His research has set out to “back-fill” major gaps in knowledge into understanding the fundamentals of plasma-tissue interactions through novel approaches that has helped streamline the development of medical plasma technologies.

He has presented his research in more than 30 invited talks worldwide, including a 2018 invited talk on ‘Developing in vitro models to analyse the metrology of plasma-tissue interactions’ at the Gordon Research Conference, Plasma Processing and Science – Session: Plasma Agriculture and Medicine in the USA. He has been awarded over AU$2M in research funding including funding from the Australian Research Council and National Health Medical Research Council.

His research led to the invention of a new plasma technology (Patent # WO 2015/123720 A1) that offers a safer approach for the application of plasma in wound therapy. In 2013, he received the Early Career Researcher Award at the University of South Australia. In 2017, he was honoured as an “emerging leader in applied physics” by the board of Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics.

In 2021, Endre received the Early Career Award in Plasma Medicine (ECAPM) awarded by the International Society for Plasma Medicine (ISPM). He serves on the editorial and advisory boards for Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Journal of Physics Communications, IEEE Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences and Frontiers in Physics.

Endre Szili
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