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Alex Robson


Alex is a Research Associate in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Sheffield and holds MPhys (Hons), MSc and PhD degrees from Lancaster University.

His research involves the development of thin film coatings via plasma polymerisation, material analysis via techniques such as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and scanning probe microscopy (SPM), and the development of plasma/material medical technologies.

Alex has studied a wide range of material systems, from biomaterials and polymers, through to compound semiconductors and 2D materials. His research has always had a strong industry and applied focus; he has collaborated on research projects with > 40 companies and is the former managing director of Lancaster Material Analysis Ltd, a spin-out company he co-founded at Lancaster University to commercialise beam-exit cross-sectional polishing (BEXP), an argon-ion-beam milling for the cross-sectional analysis of structures via SPM.

Alex Robson
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